Saturday, March 16, 2013

High Wire Cabaret!

Coming up next week, we invite you to join us to celebrate the start of Spring with the incredible...death defying...seasonal change inducing...

Wednesday, March 20th
7:30 pm

At La Casa Community of Christ: 3166 Mt Pleasant St NW

$5-$15 Sliding Scale Suggested Donation

 The 7 Person Chair Pyramid High Wire Act
 presented by Der Vorf├╝hreffekt Theatre (with some of the fabulous folks from the Missoula Oblongata)

 In the wilds of Siberia, Charles Darwin goes off search of the Yeti. The Yeti (if she exists) enters a radio station’s dance contest, hoping to win an all-expenses-paid vacation to a place that doesn’t exist yet. Darwin’s research companion—a little brown bat—tries to win back the love of the radio station’s electromagnetic emissions—but how could that ever end happily? Meanwhile, Siberia’s caves are home to a secretive tribe of ropemakers—but their disintegrating family structure may cause their ancient craft to be lost forever. Through the lens of the real life allegory of the Flying Wallendas’ famous high-wire act, two performers on a tiny stage unfold Darwin’s laboratory, unfurl anatomic diagrams of the yeti, and try to tease out the difference between miracles and non-miracles.  

 Written by Donna Oblongata (member of The Missoula Oblongata, Wham City, and producer/director of the 2012 production Less Miserable). Designed and performed by Donna Oblongata & Patrick Costello (visual artist extraordinaire and also a star of Less Miserable). Directed by Sarah Lowry (member of The Missoula Oblongata, assistant director of Less Miserable)

And also featuring some great local talent, including…

 Medicine Show
presented by Marianne Ross

 An illustrated, hundred percent true history of 200 years of American medicine (with tongue in cheek).

 For more information, contact us at or 646-734-6705.