Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Do you like frights? Do you like zombie fights? Do you like ripped tights, dark nights and hallowed sites? Then you can't miss Puppet Underground's...



Friday, October 22nd at 7pm
Saturday, October 23rd at 6pm


Friday Show: at St. Stephen's Church (1525 Newton St NW)
Saturday Show: Meet at the Francis Scott Key Park in Georgetown (M St NW, Btw 34th & 35th Sts)

$5-$10 Sliding Scale Suggested Donation


Bring your own flashlight for the Saturday show! It will be helpful!

Our Friday show will be a cabaret for folks who like their scares and spooky puppets to be found all in one place! (Recommended for those who wouldn't be excited about lots of walking.)

THE SATURDAY 6pm SHOW: For our Saturday show, we will lead our audience through the shadows of haunted Georgetown as each spooky show unfolds in different and frightfully bone-chilling locations! (Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a flashlight if you have one! And be aware that this night's events may not be appropriate for children.)


--"The Only Good Corporation is an Undead Corporation" by RPM Puppet Conspiracy brings you corporate America. It's alive and endowed with the rights of humanity, but can it also get the flu? Chicken pox? Zombie virus? Watch as capital invests in its own infection!

--"A Matter of Life and Death" a new show from the Possibilitarian Puppet Theater in which Death dances, drums and plays the fiddle and Life shuffles and sings on. Mr Nobody has trouble finding a reason to live until The Boogey Man finds it for him.

--"Two Local Tales of Terror" by the Shadow Senators is a shadow puppet show about the curse of the Hope Diamond and the legend of DC, the Demon Cat who haunts the Capitol Building.

--"The Washington Tragedy" A puppet melodrama about a true-life scandal full of murder and intrigue from pre-Civil War days in the District by Puppet Underground.

--"The Girl in the Glass" A young girl meets an unexpected friend in this spooky show by Greenfield Greetings with musical accompaniment by Tunan Chews. (This show will only be performed Friday night.)

--A fire show by Nancy M. (This will only be performed Saturday night.)

Feel free to direct any questions to Puppet Underground at:

For help finding us in Georgetown the evening of the show, call Janelle at: 646-734-6705

(We are sorry that the Saturday show is not wheelchair accessible. However, the Friday show is. Wheechairs can gain access to St Stephen's through the sanctuary entrance.)